Monday, September 24, 2007

Ramones - Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (15 september 1978)

01 - Rockaway beach
02 - Teenage lobotomy
03 - Blitzkrieg bop
04 - I don't want you
05 - Go mental
06 - Gimme gimme shock treatment
07 - You're gonna kill that girl
08 - Don't come close
09 - I don't care
10 - She's the one
11 - Sheena is a punk rocker
12 - Havana affair
13 - Commando
14 - Needles and pins
15 - Surfin' bird
16 - Cretin hop
17 - Listen to my heart
18 - California sun
19 - I don't wanna walk around with you
20 - Pinhead
21 - Do you wanna dance?
22 - Oh oh I love her so
23 - Today your love, tomorrow the world
24 - Judy is a punk
25 - Now I wanna sniff some glue
26 - We're a happy family
27 - Glad to see you go
28 - Suzy is a headbanger
29 - Let's dance

(82 MB - 192 kbps)



wolfpack said...

man i look so fwd to seeing new ramones on this site
i do have this in flac but its only 7 tracks from the boot 4 pinheads in amsterdam so the rest of the gig is so appreciated
thank you once again

Anonymous said...

exelente calidad, no tendras otro show de 1989, ADIOS AMIGO Y KE VIVAN LOS RAMONES

Youpidou said...

Hi, I have C-Jay's first show from 1989 (Leicester, UK). I'll post it next week.

Dan said...

I am so grateful for you posting this but I am having a really hard time trying to extract the file. I am entering:

as the password and it is telling me wrong password?

Andressa Hammes said...

is not aviable!

Youpidou said...

Hi Andressa, sorry for late answer, but the password works fine. Try to download the show again. Cheers!

peskypesky said...

thanks so much for this! the sound is fantastic and the Ramones, as always, put on a rocking show.

the password is a little weird but i got it to work after entering it a couple of times.

Youpidou said...

Hi, you're welcome. :)