Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ramones - Live at Great Adventure Park, Jackson, NJ, USA (6 june 1980)

01 - Intro
02 - Blitzkrieg bop
03 - Teenage lobotomy
04 - Rockaway beach
05 - I can't make it on time
06 - Go mental
07 - Gimme gimme shock treatment
08 - Rock 'n' roll high school
09 - I wanna be sedated
10 - Do you remember rock 'n' roll radio?
11 - She's the one
12 - I just want to have something to do
13 - Sheena is a punk rocker
14 - This ain't Havana
15 - Commando
16 - Here today, gone tomorrow
17 - I'm affected
18 - Surfin' bird
19 - Cretin hop
20 - All the way
21 - Judy is a punk
22 - California sun
23 - I don't wanna walk around with you
24 - Today your love, tomorrow the world
25 - Pinhead
26 - Chinese rock
27 - Beat on the brat
28 - We're a happy family

(66 MB - 160 kbps)


"Best show I ever played..." said Johnny in the book "An American Band".


wolfpack said...

thank you again

Anonymous said...

gracias Gle Gle Ramone!!!
excelente audio, muy bueno el sonido.
Buenisimo la version de "I can't make it on time".


Youpidou said...

You're welcome, wolfpack.
No hay de qué, iceclimbers.


Anonymous said...

POR mucho la mejor banda del mundo, no tendras el bootleg"live at the casbah 1985", adios amigo y que vivan los ramones

Anonymous said...

hi, i am i have a show for you upload that it is live lyeum 85(has howling at the moon and smash you)

Youpidou said...

Hi, I don't have these two shows from 1985 (except songs from Lyceum released on "Smash you" bonus CD).

Anonymous said...

ola, soy brasileiro, amo mucho los ramones!!!! GLE-GLE ES O MELHOR BLOG DEL MUNDO!!!!


Anonymous said...

quiero pedir shows (bootleg), serei atendido???? puedo??????

gracias desde ja!!!!!

Youpidou said...

¡Gracias! Sí, tú puedes. :)

Anonymous said...

My god. I was AT this show. I grabbed Johnny Ramones legs at one point I was so close to the stage.

It was also one of my favourite slam dance experiences. Thanks for posting this up!

Thomas said...

I was there also. If I remember they did two shows that night and I saw them both. I worked at Great Adventure that summer.

Thanks for uploading this!

goldenneedle said...

Awesome, I was there too. Packed tight, stage front.... Hot, sweaty & happy. Thanks for sharing this show.

Scott P. said...

I was also there from Fort Hamilton HS...I can't wait to hear the dedication to FHHS AGAIN!!!