Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mrgudi - Tamo gde su svi (1992)

01 - Koliko ljudi
02 - Pravili bi lom
03 - Golub
04 - Ona je tu
05 - Sara
06 - Anđeli
07 - Potera
08 - Tamo gde su svi
09 - Ulica
10 - Pola-Pola

(33 MB - 128 kbps)


A tape-only release by Serbian power-pop band.


Anonymous said...

Any more Shonen Knife?

Ed said...

Hi. I keep getting an error message stating "The structure of the archive is damaged (Error #17540). Can you fix this if possible? Thank you. You have a great blog!!

Youpidou said...

Hi, thanks a lot. :)

I've downloaded the archive and it works fine for me... Do you use WinRAR?

Ed said...

I was using Stuffit Expander on my Mac. I just tried a program called Better Zip which worked. Thank you!! I wouldn't have thought of trying a different program. I really appreciate bloggers like you. You are exposing artists to the world that would otherwise go unnoticed. Cool music!