Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ramones - Live at the Ripley Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA, USA (16 march 1983)

01 - Durango 95
02 - Teenage lobotomy
03 - Psycho therapy
04 - Blitzkrieg bop
05 - Do you remember rock 'n' roll radio?
06 - All's quiet on the eastern front
07 - Gimme gimme shock treatment
08 - Rock 'n' roll high school
09 - I wanna be sedated
10 - Beat on the brat
11 - The KKK took my baby away
12 - Go mental
13 - Outsider
14 - Suzy is a headbanger
15 - Let's dance
16 - I'm affected
17 - Little bit o' soul
18 - Chinese rock
19 - In the park
20 - Rockaway beach
21 - Cretin hop
22 - California sun
23 - Today your love, tomorrow the world
24 - Pinhead
25 - 53rd & 3rd
26 - Highest trails above
27 - Sheena is a punk rocker
28 - Time has come today
29 - I just want to have something to do
30 - We're a happy family

(58 MB - 128 kbps)



slug said...

Hola Gle-Gle
gracias por el bootleg
te queria decir que me hice un blog
la pag es:



Anonymous said...

Hello, thank you for your post, I have a problem for this with the password, doesn't works, only for this

Youpidou said...

Hi! Most probably there was some download error. Please try to download it again. I'm sure both password and .rar file are OK.

chenoguera said...

Thank You for your answer, i try again

NogueRamone said...

I try twice, always the same error
"Encrypted file: CRC failed in Ramones - Live at the Ripley Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA, USA (16 march 1983)/30 - We're a happy family.mp3 (password incorrect ?)"
I use UnrarX for mac OSX and i paste "". Where is the problem, the links for dee-dee ramone live in sweded i dead, please repost
THX a lot

Youpidou said...

I use WinRAR 3.11. I've just downloaded this file and everything works fine... Maybe you could try some other program for Mac. One guy here solved the problem using updated version of StuffIt Expander.

OK, I'll reupload Dee Dee's show in few days.

NogueRamone said...

Hello Youpidou, thanks a lot, i need to use 4 differents applications to decompress live at Ripley but i succeed. I'll come back soon to download Dee-Dee live in sweden. Thanks to your help and to yours splendid posts

Youpidou said...

Cool. :) OK, Dee Dee's show is reuploaded.