Saturday, March 3, 2007

Shonen Knife - Live in Birmingham, UK (22 november 1992)

01 - Bear up bison
02 - Flying jelly attack
03 - Devil house
04 - Riding on the rocket
05 - Cycling is fun
06 - Animal song
07 - Brown mushroom
08 - Catnip dream
09 - Twist Barbie
10 - Johnny Johnny Johnny
11 - Boys
12 - Space Christmas
13 - Get the wow
14 - Cobra vs. mongoose
15 - Antonio baka guy

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Anonymous said...

Please Re-Upload the 5 Shonen Knife
Concerts, Rapid has delete them



Youpidou said...

Hi! All Shonen Knife links work fine now.

Chris said...

Hi, is it possible to re-upload the shonen knife shows again? Thank you so much for sharing these shows! Shonen Knife rocks!


Youpidou said...

Sorry for being late, Chris. The show is uploaded again. Cheers!

Chris said...

Thanks but it doesn't seem to work for me. Must be my laptop. Is there any way I could maybe send you blank CD's or something. I'd love to get any and all shonen knife shows available. I'll pay for shipping and everything. I'll even tip you like $5 each CD for your time. Thanks again!

Youpidou said...

OK, I can send these Shonen Knife shows by mail. I don't need money from you. :) I posted my e-mail address, so get in touch!